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One of the most exciting things about studying abroad is that you can get an opportunity to study in an international environment where, very often, education is about developing analytical thinking and skill development. Plus, studying along with people from different countries increases your ability to handle cross-cultural communication. But one of the greatest advantages is that you can choose to study an inter-disciplinary course or a new cutting-edge course if that is where your interests lie.

Student can either choose a degree or Certificate courses in Abroad

Quick Points about the Countries:


World’s #1 destination for international students

Third-largest country in world in terms of size and population

Largest economy in world, and one of the most technologically advanced

Some of the highest-quality educational institutions in the world, many with cutting-edge technological resources

Huge range of educational options: some are broadly focussed, some are employment-focussed, some are niche (e.g., arts, social sciences, technical)


Incredibly beautiful country with a wide range of scenic and leisure opportunities

Internationally acclaimed education options for international students, including many English-language options

Excellent pathway and articulation between programmes such as diploma to degree

Competitive in terms of cost of living and study

Multicultural, friendly society, with over 400,000 international students coming to study each year

New Zealand

British-based education system with world-class, highly respected qualifications

Innovative teaching methods and technology

Universities in the Top 500 worldwide rankings (Times Higher Education Supplement)

Personalised learning in a range of class settings and sizes

Scenic beauty and modern, dynamic culture make New Zealand a great place to study


Huge area, relatively small population, beautiful natural environment

One of world’s wealthiest nations

Multicultural society with many immigrants

Well-respected and sophisticated education system, and one of the top destinations for international study

Safe and interesting place to study – students should begin planning early since admissions can be competitive

United Kingdom

Second only to the U.S. as a study destination for international students

London a major financial centre for the world

Increasingly multicultural

Old, rich, and tumultuous history for students with this kind of interest

Scottish system of education quite distinct from the education systems in the rest of U.K.

Republic of Ireland

Dynamic, modern country with a young population

Internationally recognised for being safe and friendly

Huge emphasis on education

Technologically oriented economy

Despite modern direction of recent years, respect for tradition continues


Nearly one-tenth of world’s international students go to study in Germany

New bachelor-master system offers degrees which are internationally compatible

Emphasis on interdisciplinary studies, international outlook, and theory balanced with practical applications

Very green, environmentally aware society

Blend of modern and traditional cultures

Note : Apart from Germany there are many countries who welcome international Students in Europe like ITALY, NORWAY, DENMARK, SWEDEN.

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